Polycrystalline tooling is supplied with the following edge conditions: PCD tools are normally supplied in "F" condition which is a "sharp" edge. PCBN tooling is normally supplied with "S" condition, which is a "chamferred and brushed".
In the table below "O" indicates tools which can normally be supplied "Ex Stock" or within 5 to 10 working days.
ISO Description TIP SIZE C10 C80 D002 D010 D025
CCGW060202F 3mm     O O O
CCGW060202S 3mm O O      
CCGW060204F 3mm     O O O
CCGW060204S 3mm O O      
CCGW060208F 3mm     O O O
CCGW090308S 3mm O O      
CCGW09T302F 3mm     O O O
CCGW09T302S 3mm O O      
CCGW09T304F 3mm     O O O
CCGW09T304F 5mm     O O O
CCGW09T304S 3mm O O      
CCGW09T308F 5mm     O O O
CCGW09T308S 3mm O        
CCGW120404E 5mm O O      
CCGW120404F 5mm     O O O
CCGW120404S 5mm O O      
CCGW120408F 5mm     O O O
CCGW120408S 5mm O O      
CCGW120412S 5mm O O      
CNMA120404F 5mm     O O O
CNMA120404S 5mm O O      
CNMA120408E 5mm O O      
CNMA120408F 5mm     O O O
CNMA120408S 5mm O O      
CNMA120412S 5mm O O      
CPGW04T102F 3mm     O O O
CPGW050204F 3mm     O O O
CPGW060202F 3mm     O O O
CPGW060204F 3mm     O O O
CPGW060204S 3mm O O      
CPGW060208F 3mm     O O O
CPGW060208S 3mm O O      
CPGW09T304F 3mm     O O O
CPGW09T308F 3mm     O O O
CPGW120404F 3mm     O O O
CPGW120408F 3mm     O O O
DCGW070204S 3mm O O      
DCMW070202F 3mm     O O O
DCMW070202S 3mm O O      
DCMW070204S 3mm O O      
DCMW070208S 3mm O O      
DCMW11T302F 3mm     O O O
DCMW11T302S 3mm O O      
DCMW11T304F 3mm     O O O
DCMW11T304F 5mm     O O O
DCMW11T304S 3mm O O      
DCMW11T304S 5mm O O      
DCMW11T308F 3mm     O O O
DCMW11T308F 5mm     O O O
DCMW11T308S 3mm O O      
DCMW11T308S 5mm O O      
DCMW150404F 5mm     O O O
DCMW150404S 5mm O O      
DCMW150408F 5mm     O O O
DCMW150408S 5mm O O      
DNGA150404S DUO 3mm O O      
DNGA150408S DUO 3mm O O      
DNGA150412S DUO 3mm O O      
DNGA150404S 3mm O O      
DNGA150404S 5mm O O      
DNGA150408F 5mm     O O O
DNGA150408S 3mm O O      
DNGA150408S 5mm O O      
DNGA150412F 5mm     O O O
DNGA150412S 5mm O O      
DNGA150604S 5mm O O      
DNGA150608S 5mm O O      
DNGA150612S 5mm O O      
DPMW070204F 3mm     O O O
DPMW11T304F 3mm     O O O
DPMW11T304F 5mm     O O O
DPMW11T304S 3mm O O      
DPMW11T308F 3mm     O O O
DPMW11T308F 5mm     O O O
DPMW11T308S 3mm O O      
EPMW040202F 2mm     O O O
EPMW040202F 3mm     O O O
EPMW040202S 3mm O O      
EPMW040204F 3mm     O O O
EPMW040204S 3mm O O      
EPMW060202F 3mm     O O O
EPMW060202S 3mm O O      
EPMW060204F 3mm     O O O
EPMW060204S 3mm O O      
EPMW08M302F 3mm     O O O
EPMW08M302S 3mm O O      
EPMW08M304F 3mm     O O O
EPMW08M304S 3mm O O      
EPMW08M308F 3mm     O O O
EPMW08M308S 3mm O O      
RNGN090300S n/a O O      
RNGN120400E n/a O O      
SCGW09T304F 5mm     O O O
SCGW09T304S 3mm O O      
SCGW09T304S 5mm O O      
SCGW09T308F 5mm     O O O
SCGW09T308S 3mm O O      
SCGW09T308S 5mm O O      
SCGW120408S 5mm O O      
SCGW120412S 5mm O O      
SCGW12M504F 5mm     O O O
SCGW12M504S 5mm O O      
SCGW12M508F 5mm     O O O
SCGW12M508S 5mm O O      
SNGA090308S DUO 3mm O O      
SNGA120404S DUO 3mm O O      
SNGA120408S DUO 3mm O O      
SNGA120412S DUO 3mm O O      
SNGA120416S DUO 3mm O O      
SNGA120404E 5mm O O      
SNGA120404F 5mm     O O O
SNGA120404S 5mm O O      
SNGA120408F 5mm     O O O
SNGA120408S 3mm O O      
SNGA120408S 5mm O O      
SNGA120412S 3mm O O      
SNGA120412S 5mm O O      
SNGA120416S 3mm O O      
SNGA120416S 5mm O O      
SNGN090304F 5mm     O O O
SNGN090304S 5mm O O      
SNGN120404F 5mm     O O O
SNGN120404S 5mm O O      
SNGN120408F 5mm     O O O
SNGN120408S 5mm O O      
SNGN120412S 5mm O O      
SPCN1203EDL-A0 5mm     O O O
SPCN1203EDL-A1 5mm     O O O
SPCN1203EDL-A2 5mm     O O O
SPCN1203EDR-A0 5mm     O O O
SPCN1203EDR-A1 5mm     O O O
SPCN1203EDR-A2 5mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDL-P0 7mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDL-P1 7mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDL-P2 7mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDR-P0 7mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDR-P1 7mm     O O O
SPCX1203EDR-P2 7mm     O O O
SPGN090304F 5mm     O O O
SPGN090308F 5mm     O O O
SPGN120304F 5mm     O O O
SPGN120308F 5mm     O O O
SPGW09T304F 5mm     O O O
SPGW09T308F 5mm     O O O
SPGW120404F 5mm     O O O
SPGW120408F 5mm     O O O
SPGW120408S 5mm O O      
TCGW090202F 3mm     O O O
TCGW090202S 3mm O O      
TCGW090204F 3mm     O O O
TCGW090204S 3mm O O      
TCGW110202F 5mm     O O O
TCGW110202S 5mm O O      
TCGW110204F 5mm     O O O
TCGW110204S 3mm O O      
TCGW110204S 5mm O O      
TCGW110208F 5mm     O O O
TCGW110208S 5mm O O      
TCGW16T302F 5mm     O O O
TCGW16T302S 5mm O O      
TCGW16T304F 5mm     O O O
TCGW16T304S 5mm O O      
TCGW16T308F 5mm     O O O
TCGW16T308S 5mm O O      
TCGW16T312F 5mm     O O O
TCGW16T312S 5mm O O      
TNGA110304F 5mm     O O O
TNGA110304S 5mm O O      
TNGA110308F 5mm     O O O
TNGA110308S 5mm O O      
TNGA160304F 5mm     O O O
TNGA160304S 5mm O O      
TNGA160308F 5mm     O O O
TNGA160308S 5mm O O      
TNGA160404S DUO 3mm O O      
TNGA160408S DUO 3mm O O      
TNGA160404F 5mm     O O O
TNGA160404S 3mm O O      
TNGA160404S 5mm O O      
TNGA160408F 2mm     O O O
TNGA160408F 5mm     O O O
TNGA160408S 3mm O O      
TNGA160408S 5mm O O      
TNGA160412S 5mm O O      
TNGA220408S 5mm O O      
TNGA220412S 5mm O O      
TNGN110304F 5mm     O O O
TNGN110304S 5mm O O      
TNGN110308F 5mm     O O O
TNGN110308S 5mm O O      
TNGN160408F 5mm     O O O
TNGN160408S 5mm O O      
TNGN160412F 5mm     O O O
TNGN160412S 5mm O O      
TPGN110304F 5mm     O O O
TPGN110304S 3mm O O      
TPGN110304S 5mm O O      
TPGN110308F 5mm     O O O
TPGN110308S 3mm O O      
TPGN110308S 5mm O O      
TPGN160304F 5mm     O O O
TPGN160304S 3mm O O      
TPGN160308F 5mm     O O O
TPGN160308S 3mm O O      
TPGN160312F 5mm     O O O
TPGN220408F 5mm     O O O
TPGN220412F 5mm     O O O
TPGW090204S 3mm O O      
TPGW110202F 5mm     O O O
TPGW110204F 3mm O O      
TPGW110204F 5mm     O O O
TPGW110208F 3mm O O      
TPGW110208F 5mm     O O O
TPGW16T304F 5mm     O O O
TPGW16T308F 5mm     O O O
VBMW160404F 5mm     O O O
VBMW160404S 5mm O O      
VBMW160408F 5mm     O O O
VBMW160408S 5mm O O      
VCGN160404F 5mm     O O O
VCGN160408F 5mm     O O O
VCGN160412F 5mm     O O O
VCMW110204F 5mm     O O O
VCMW160404F 5mm     O O O
VCMW160404S 5mm O O      
VCMW160408F 5mm     O O O
VCMW160408S 5mm O O      
VCMW160412F 5mm     O O O
VNGA160404S DUO 5mm O O      
VNGA160408S DUO 5mm O O      
VNGA160404F 5mm     O O O
VNGA160404S 5mm O O      
VNGA160408F 5mm     O O O
VNGA160408S 5mm O O      
VNGA160412S 5mm O O      

Last Updated on 11/03/09
By Alan Shaw
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