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Monocrystal Diamond Dressing Tools

Monocrystal diamonds are derived from high quality single crystal diamonds synthesised under tightly controlled growth conditions. The flawless synthetic Monocrystal diamond Logs, which are uniform in cross section and length, are hand set into a blade format, providing the ultimate consistency and controlled finish dressing for both straight pass grinding or profiling.

These tools are highly recommended as a maintenance free alternative to natural diamond chisels especially on CNC grinding machines where automatic wheel dressing and compensation can be utilised because of the consistent dressing characteristics throughout the life of the tool.

The tools can be supplied with radii if required and are available as blade only or mounted into a shank. These tools are designed for precision finish grinding applications and are unsuitable for heavy in-feeds, truing or where there is a lack of adequate accurately directed coolant.

Monocrystal Diamond Dressing Tool

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